Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The Chorus Rewiew.

My favourite actor in the film is Jean Bastiste Maunier ( he as Pierre Morhange ), I think that he act well and I love his voice, It is beautiful.
I like the movie because I think that is lovely the way that Mathieu try help the classmates by means of the music, without a use extreme of punishments, and this help is successful . Is interesting see during the movie, the improvement in classmates behaviour, and the good humour that have correctional school's inhabitants. And although they don’t know, the chorus will change their lifes forever. The sound track is beautiful.
The movie starts in the present time. Pierre Morhange , a world famous French conductor (he lives now in America) receives a call from France informing him of his mother's death. Morhange returns to France for the funeral. After that a middle-aged man appears at his french home. Morhange has no idea who is the man, but the stranger reveals that himself is Pépinot, one of Morhange's classmates at the correctional school Fond de L'Etang.
Pépinot shows Morhange the journal of Clément Mathieu, Morhange proceeds to read the journal, and the story begins.
In 1949, Clément Mathieu, a music theacher in unemployment, beginning to work like supervisor in Fond de L’etang, a correctional school. The head teacher Reachin’s education rules, specially repressive, can hardly authority about difficult classmates. Mathieu doesn’t like the Rachin’s rules and he feel sorry by them. When he try know they, he found out that the music attrac the classmates interest, he familiarize them with the singing, and he creat a choir and conduct it.

My recommendation?? Watch it because is beautiful!! But with handkerchiefs because it’s very sentimental, and listen de sound track… you will love it!!

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