Sunday, 17 February 2008


Once upon a time.... a leafy and dark forest in the north of Africa, there was an ancient and high tower guarded by an extraordinary golden dragon. This mysterious tower had a magic carpet at its peak; if one prince sat on the carpet, he could save a pretty princess who had been taken prisioner of a very evil witch in a remote castle which was on a lonely island.

In a stormy day a brave and handsome prince arrived to the tower and killed the dragon with his legendary sword. He managed to go to the island on the carpet but he didn't find the castle.

Accidentally he found a small and cosy house. He went into the house where a bald dwarf lived. The dwarf explained to him that the only way to get to the castle was riding a giant eagle.
The prince managed to arrive at the castle and the eagle pecked the witch ... Suddenly a toad appeared and the princess was set free.

The princess, to thank him, gave him a treasure with a lot of jewellery and crowns.
They got married, he gave her a brilliant ring and they lived happily ever after wich a magic white wolf...

María Bonilla, Naiara Buil and Olga Sanchidrián

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