Saturday, 9 February 2008

The Guardian

My favourite film is The Guardian.

The film
The beginning of the movie is presented by a mythical leyend: The people lost in the sea, say that when they wait for help, a presence takes them out of the danger and that it stay with them until they are rescued. They call this presence "The Guardian."
Initially of " The guardian ", the legendary swimmer of rescue Ben Randall (Kevin Costner) appears as the surviving only one of a mortal accident happened during a storm of enormous proportions. After the accident, and against his will, they send him to give lessons to the School A, the program of training a few aspirants in the best swimmers of rescue. Ben struggles to overcome the frustration and submits body and soul to the education as,like only he can do: revolutionizing the program with not conventional methods of training. But Ben is perfectly conscious of what exists in game: he knows that tomorrow his pupils will have to take very difficult decisions to choose between who of they dies and the one who survives.
When he knows the champion of swimming Jake Fischer (Ashton Kutcher), Ben understands that he is a man who can be the best. But he’ll have to teach him to combine his talent and the dedication that they are necessary in this profession and also not to realize the mistakes that Ben committed in his day. They’ll embark in his first and dangerous mission with the waters of terrifics of Bering Sea in Alaska, and Jake will have to put in the practice everything what he has learned.
There, they couldn’t save anypeople because they were dead, during the return the rope of rescue begin to break. Ben, understands that it can't support both, frees from the rope himself and take place the fall from a fatal height in the ocean.
After the funeral Ben Randall's service , Jake again is sent to rescue a man. When already he is rescued, the victim ask him where is the another man who helped him, until the help was coming. Jake attributes this to Ben's presence and considers Ben to be immortalized as " The Guardian ": an eternal help gives for those who are lost.

Other information
In this world there are many types of heroes. There are all these men who save life every day: firemen, policemen... But also there are others that work on the second plane, but that risk everything what they are and everything what they have for saving lives of strange persons in the most extreme and dangerous circumstances. And this category there enter the extraordinary one and little known body of the Swimmers of Rescue of the Coastal Guard. Brave men and women, form an elite that possesses the physical and mental sufficientitself force to throw in free fall from a helicopter to submerge in seas with the only purpose of rescue those who are nearly of die, being their lifes the price.

The Coastal Guard saves every year near 5.000 persons and 2.500 million dollars in properties. During the devastating season of hurricanes that lived Through The United States in 2005, 33.520 persons rescued or evacuated in the states of the Gulf devastated by the Hurricane Katrina.

Personal opinion
I like the film because it show you the danger that suffer the people that work at this job, that they risk their life, to save the other’s people. Also I like it because is very interesting even though the end is sad to me.
My favourites actors in this film are the main characters: Kevin Costner as Ben Randall, because he plays very well his role by a person that his job is his life, and Ashton Kutcher as Jake Fischer because he represent a role of a young man that fight by that he want, and that learn a lot of things that Ben show him.

My recommendation
My recommendation is simply take this movie and beside spending at home a good moment with your friends, you’ll learn a lot of things about the life.

Here you have a video with the sound track of the film Never let go by Bryan Adams

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