Sunday, 10 February 2008

the simpsons

The simpsons are a family formed by Homer,Marge,Bart,Lisa and Maggie.
one day watching the news the inform that the lake of village is very contaminated and that if they contaminate more the State can put some measure aganinst the village.
At the same time Homer buys a pork and strip all the dregs of the pork to the lake.
Later the State create a semisphere that Springfield covers totally and leaves the whale village without communication with the exterior.
One day the family Simpsons escapes fot a hole and the family goes to Alaska for they lived but they realize that the village was destroyed little by little as that the village didn't have contact whith the exterior and return in order that Homer together whith Bart in a motorcycle they are ascending for the semisphere and destroy the semisphere.
At the end they manage to destroy the semisphere and save the village of the destruction.

My favourite personage was Homer simpsons.

I recommend to see the movie whith friends.

And my favourite part is whe Homer ascends whith the motorcycle for the semisphere.

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