Monday, 4 February 2008

28 Weeks Later

My favorite movie is 28 Weeks After. My favorite actors and actresses of the film are: Imogen Poots (Tammy, Survivor), Rose Byrne (Scarlet, nurse Military) and Jeremy Renner (Doyle, Sniper Delta). I like that is a movie zombies and deadly viruses, but especially by zombies and scenes so well made, one example is the scene in the house with two elderly, marriage, Muslim and desperate by the blonde the groom has come "to seek help" but that like all the others to dead.
This is the continuation of Part 1, entitled 28 Days After and begins like this: A powerful virus is released in Britain after the raid on a laboratory research on primates of a group of activists for the rights of animals.
Fowared through the blood and devastating effects ca-if immediate, the virus leaves infected in a permanent state of murderous rage. In 28 days, the entire country is infected and a handful of survivors try to save his life, realizing that the deadly virus is not the only thing hanging-tion a threat on them. And continued like this: Six months after the virus hit Britain, the army of the United States declared that the war against the virus that has been won the reconstruction of the country can sar start. With the return of a first wave of refugees, there is the reunion of a family that had been separated by the terrible events that occurred, but one of its members carries without him being aware, a terrible secret ...
Another? That the shooting began on September 1 for a total of nine weeks, but previously had been shot four days in the month of July, filming scenes of Jim in the deserted streets of London. The shooting took place in the morning, no more dawn and before it started during rush hour, to make it easier to close the streets of London.
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