Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Iván : George Green.
Vanessa: Natali Smith

V: Ritz Hotel Reception. Natali Smith speaking. How can I help you?
I: Hello. This is George Green calling. I call yesterday for reservation.
V: mmm... let me check it... Ouh yes, I remember it. You asked for a rooms with a double bed, don´t you?
I: Yes, that´s right but has been a change of plans, my wife and me have thought that our children should visit Madrid, so I need two rooms of two beds each one.
V: Ohhh, OK! Let me see what I can do... well, we have vacant rooms but they are indifferent flats. It´s ok?
I: Yes, it´s OK, but there is another drawback. We have a dog and we can´t let it with my parents because my father is sick, so must carry it with us. Can we?
V: Ok, Ok... well, that´s a big drawback, that will increase the price and you must carry your dog since 10:00 until 16:00 outside the bedroom, but the dog can stay in the bedroom the rest of the day.
I: Ok, so that´s all! Thank you so much.
V: Your welcome. Mr Green, bye.
I: Bye !

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