Sunday, 23 January 2011

In search of Gea.

Once upon a time, in a stormy night in a dark and gloomy forest, where the wolves howled and the river ran fast, a prince crossed the forest with his sword looking for the wise man's tower. The prince asked him where his beloved was, the wise man answered that the wicked witch of the forest had her captive in a castle in the highest tower, his guardian was a huge dragon of green scales and yellow tail, he expelled fire from his mouth and flew around the castle.

The wise man told him that he had to give him the treasure that was on an island in the river if he wanted him to give him more advise. To find the island where the treasure was, the prince sent his eagle, called Fortuna, to overfly the region of the country called Portable. Once it was located, the prince arrived to the island, and with his magic carpet he crossed the river and discovered the treasure, with a bewitched toad's help.

He took the treasure to the wise man, who explained him that in order to be able to rescue his beloved, he had to kill the dragon with the help of the wolf Kun from the bewitched forest. The prince and the wolf went to the witch's castle. When they arrived the dragon tried to attack them, but the wolf, fast and strong, bit him in the neck.

Once the dragon was dead, the prince confronted the witch and stucked her with his sword in her heart. His beloved, the princess Gea was in the highest tower and the prince rescued her with the help of his eagle.The kingdom of Portable crowned the prince and the princess.The prince asked her for marriage and gave her a beautiful ring. They went with his carriage to live in their house in the forest with the wolf Kun and the eagle.

The end.

Written by Rebeca, Laura, Erika and Sofia.

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