Sunday, 16 January 2011

The secret of the princess

Realized by Amir, Lumita and Sheila

Once upon a time thre was a beautiful princess, she was seventeen years old, she had long blonde hair and big blue eyes. She was living in a big tower surrounded with a river. The river had a lot of frogs, but one of them was a king, because the wicked witch converted him in an ugly frog. The with was so bad so bad that she had as a pet a dangerous cocodrile. She was living in a horrible castle, protected by many big men with their bows. The castle was in a forest, that it was far far away of the village, the forest was so big and it had many animals and trees. And even there are more things, there was a dragon, it was very big and red. It name was Ivan and she can spit fire, yes it's curious but... It was a girl. In the forest lived an old wise man, his name was Erika, who was the father of the witch, but he didn't speak with his daughter, because he was a good wizard of the level 80. Erika could become into an eagle and he could shit over the head of other humans. But one day Erika had the runs and he converted into an eagle and shit over the head of a terrible wolf, who was waiting for the little red riding hood, the wolf get so ungry and killed the old wise man. But the old man had a ring, a magical ring, who converted him into an eagle. One man who was in a carriage saw the ring and he put it in his finger. He was the king of Parque De Lisboa Island, his name was Juan Ignacio. He was so handsome and strong. One day he received a medieval e-mail saying that if you save the princess you would marry with her. So the king thought:

One day that there was a thunderstorm decided to rescue the princess. It was a good oportunity. He caught his magical carpet to fly over the forest. When he was flyinghe saw an old wooden house. He landed over the roof and he get into the chimney. When he was in the house, he saw a happy family, so he decided to kill them and he kept their heads for his memories. When he got out the house he saw the witch on her dragon. Juan Ignacio threw his sword and they died. In the garden of the house there was a treasure with a crown. The king arrived to the tower to rescue the princess but... thre was a little strange thing, the princess had penis !

So the king get afraid about her and run away leaving the princess alone in the tower again.
PD: The name of the princess was Rebeca :)

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