Sunday, 23 January 2011

Telephone conversation between a client and a hotel receptionist

Sheyla is the client and Mirella is the receptionist
M: Good morning. You ere calling to the hotel Pepito. How can I help you?
S: Good morning. I want to know if you have a vacancies.
M: One moment please.
S: Ok.
M: We just have one bedroom for two people.
S: Oh there is a problem.
M: What´s happen?
S: we are three people, my husband, my dog and me.
M: Your dog?
S: Yes, Papadopaulos my dog.
M: I am sorry but in this hotel we don´t let dogs.
S: But my dog is like other person.
M: Yes, but it is a rule of the hotel.
S: Oh, that´s a pity.
M: Wait I can look for a place for dog.
S: That´s perfect.
M: One moment...I just have found one and it´s close here.
S: Oh! That´s perfect.
M: So do you want the bedroom?
S: Yes.
M: Could you give me your name and number, please?
S: My name is Cruela de Vil and my mobile number is 123456789.
M: Ok very good. How many days? And when will you come?
S: Could I come tonight?
M: Yes, why not?
S: Ok. So five days since today.
M: Ok. Your reservation is than.
S: That´s perfect so see you tonight.
N: Bye
S: Bye.

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kentotletsrock said...

Ok. Your reservation is than.

its "done" not "than" hehehe.