Monday, 24 January 2011


A: Hello misses. I am your neighbourg.
L:Hello, How can I help you?
A: I am calling you, because you do a lot noise las night.
L:Oh, sorry, but it was my birthday ant I celebrate ir.
A:Yeah, it was what I think, but please, try to do less noise, the next time, I can sleep all night.
L: I am so sorry mister Salar, I promisse you, it never happends again.
A: I hope it, I wake up every day at four o´clock, please try to do less noise.
L: Yes, yes, of ciurse sorry again.
A: No problem , thank you for you attention, see yoy, bye.
L: thanks, for the call, bye

A: Amir Salar
L: Laura Pulido.

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