Tuesday, 11 January 2011


In my holiday Christmas I went with my family for Madrid. I went out with my boyfriend and my friends. I´ve bought Christmas presents. I´ve seen my family. I´ve done my homework. I´ve played with the computer game. I´ve read books. In fact, I´ve barely left the house because I had to stay with my brother because my parents had to work. On Christmas Eve I saw all my family together after much time separate, was a special day especially for my grandmother.
In New Year´s Eve I went with some friends and my boyfriend to Rivas ( a zone of Madrid ), and it was fantastic that night.
January 6th day ( day of kings ) I got a lot of stuff.. for example.. pajamas, two shirts, a colony, a pendant.. many beautiful things all.
Altough I haven´t gone as I had expected, In general the holiday haven´t been a bad and have been good to rest.

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