Thursday, 13 January 2011


I spent my holiday in Madrid whit my family, my girlfriend and my friends. When I finished school I didn´t obtain good marks, but I didn´t have an argument whit my parents ,so I could use the computer, the games console and the telephone.
At Christmas Eve I had dinner whit my parents and later I went to a my friends local. There I stayed until half past six in the morning. In the local me played a "sing star" and we promised weself that we´ll study more and we´ll give up smoke.
Also I stayed whit my girlfriend. We went to Madrid capital and we went to cinema called "Opera".
There we watched a film called "Los Viajes De Güliver", it is a comedy and I recommend you this film it is too funy.
I hadn´t any presents, but my parents gave me money, I think that it is better than a material present.
When the schoool started I was sad and depressed because the holiday was too short!!

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