Thursday, 13 January 2011


Before Christmas Eve my parents and I decorated the house, we put the Christmas tree and nativity scene. On the morning of Christmas Eve, my mother spent all morning cooking a hake for the dinner. In the afternoon came my grandmother, my uncles and cousins. After dinner, Santa Claus came and left us many gifts.
In New Year's Eve we all bought elegant red clothes because it gives good luck. My aunt and my mother are very good cooks and they made special meal for us like lamb, prawns... and my father bought the grapes. At night all my family met in my grandmother's house. After we finished having dinner we distribuited the grapes, twelve for each one of the family and we ate simultaneously at that ringing of the twelve bells. Then we go out to see the fireworks displays in the street. After the grapes I went away to the village of my cousin and I was there with her and with other friends in the bars. I had a great time.

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