Friday, 14 January 2011

christmas holiday

This christmas has been fantastic!!I went to mother´s village in Christmas Day,I passed there some days with my family and with my friends.
We did a lot of family lunches and dinners in wine cellars that my family have in the village,because they´re very commons there.
Later I went to father´s village for New Year´s Eve,I was there until Day Three Wise Men.I entertain a lot of there,because I have my friends of always.We do funny things as:play bowling,play tennis,go to the cinema,go shopping...
In New Year´s Eve,I had dinner with my family,and then I went of party with my friends all night.
The Day Three Wise Men,I and my friends disguise oneselfus of pages for the parade,after I and my cousins went to grandfather´s house to eat chocolate with ring shaped cake at Epiphany.
At the night I and my friends did a dinner in where get together us a lot of people.
To the next morning we opened the presents of Three Wise Men.

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