Friday, 14 January 2011

My Christmas.

My Christmas has been fantastic, I could enjoy with my family and friends.
The Christmas Eve I had dinner with my parents and my sister in my house, a very fun and good dinner. Then I went wirj some friends and my boyfriend to dance and enjoy the night.
I had a lot of present to the next morning in our Christmas tree painted on a sheet of paper by my sister.
The Eve´s day, I went to dinner with my grandparents and my uncles, was the first year that my sister has had to be working and wasnt able to go with us, I have miss her a lot.
Held a few days before my aniversary in a nice restaurant.
The kings day I went to the local party and we danced until our feet ached.
Ihave spent a good Christmas, because I could also go to the movies to skate I have had time to read and study and also to be with my family, so have been a good Christmas. i also had to work every morning with young childen, I love children and really enjoy them.

Laura Pulido Jiménez.

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