Monday, 10 January 2011


I finished the school with a horrible mats, I thought my father not wanted that we go to the village or I have to come back to Alcorcon after to the christmas eve but was not so.
The day of Christmas eve I went to my mother's village for dinner with my grandparents, guys and cousins. The day of christmas y went to my father's village for all the holidays.
I like a lot this village (Losar de la Vera, Caceres) because I have a lot of friends and i better step there.
Came new year's eve, i think that this year has been one of the few times I ate grapes and time.
After have a dinner I run to dress me for go out, the night was increible I go to home at 8 o'clok.
The new year's day also go out but I go to home more early.
The rest of the holidays was normal, nothing especial. The kings day i receive a colony as present.
After to this day come the day of dismissed, i think is the worst day of the holidays because all the people of the other city go back to their citys. I come back to Alcorcon the last sunday of the holidays.

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