Sunday, 16 January 2011

Once upon a time

Realized by: Vanessa, Setes y Mirella :)

Once upon a time there was a house in the wood. The house was big and white. Around there were a lor of trees. There lived evil witch with a wolf. She was ugly, unfriendly and unhappy.
She bought a magic carpet in Ikea for flew in the wood. The carpet was a brown with a lot of adorments. The wolf was scared to flew and for that the wolf didn´t fly with the witch in the carpet.

One day that the witch was flew and there was a thunderstorm during the night and the witch´s carpet was very old and dark. In the castlelived a prince. He was tall, blond with blue eyes and very strong. He found witch, in the yard. He was scared. The prince fought with the witch and she turned him in to old wise man.Them the old wise man spoke to witch about a treasure in the castle. When the witch found the treasure she saw that it guarded by a big dragon. The dragon had a special caracteristic, it split cookies out.

The witch had a magic ring which she killed dragon and thumped her and it kidnapped her to its nest. The nest was in a terrorific and dark forest. The nest was near a river there were a lot of frogs.Now, we go back to the castle. The witch´s curse broke and the prince caught his sword and he went to tower to saffect a princess.

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