Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Alive by his friend.

It all began when Danny and Gerald went to the cinema last week. They were watching a new horror film when, all of a sudden, everyone in the cinema cuold hear a voice that said: the cinema is burning, please left it quickly!

First, nobody took it seriously because they thougth it was a joke of the film. But, shortly after, a lot of red flames enter in the screen. In few seconds, the fire filled the room with dense black smoke. All the people began to run away through the emergency exit, but Danny was pushed and trampled by a group of frightened people.

When Gerald reached the street, he realised that Danny had not left the building. He entered again into the burning structure and he rescued his friend, who was unconscious. Fortunately, both friends are now safe and sound. Danny will never forget his friend's courage.

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