Monday, 12 March 2012

The holidays of Mike and John

Miked and John travelled to Brazil in holidays. When they were in the river Amazon they lost the tour guide in the jungle.They only had food and water for two days.

First they were afraid, but they were calm after. Mike to decide to make a refuge for the night. It would be night in few hours. They may stay high for be safe of the carnivourus animals of the jungle. The next day, they continued walking near the river for arrive at the sea, they tought it would be near.

In the way to the sea, they saw many animals, like snakes and tarantules but it didn't attack them. They finished their water, and when they went to the river for drunk, they discovered that in the river were cocodriles! So they decided to took water so carefully where there wasn't a cocodrile, and they could drunk.

Finally they discovered a village an they were sane and sound.

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