Monday, 12 March 2012

Lost in the lake

It was a sunny August day. Sergio and Adrian were in the Talagante Lake. They were playing with an inflatable beach ball next to some rocks when, suddenly, a strong wind blew it and carried the ball so far. Immediately, Sergio took a big float, got into and rowed after the ball, but the wind was stronger and moved it to the other edge lake.

Without warning their fathers, they pursued the ball, but an hour later, when they arrived to the edge, the ball had disappeared. They were too far to come back swimming again, and they tried to walk around the lake, but it was impossible. Without the ball, they took again their float and try to come back, but they gave up soon.

Shortly after, they were crying when a blonde mermaid appeared, and finally, she took them and brought them with their fathers. They had never been so lost and they learned the lesson.

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