Monday, 12 March 2012


Already dawned, Amanda looked in the mirror, her clothes and her face were bloodied, had
been a long night.

Happy days with Ana and Lucy were behind, they were the best friends and never thought that it exchange until they met Robert. He had white skin, he was dark and his eyes were black and deep.
When they came out of high school, Robert invited them to his home that was outside of the city. They got into his car and began the worst trip of their lives.
That afternoon was cold and rainy, and when they arrived it was dark.The home was in a forest full of trees that the wind and rain moving strongly.
They went into the home and when they wanted to look back Robert had disappeared. All the doors were closed, they were scared and began to look for an exit for escape.
Suddenly, Robert appeared with a knife in his hand and ran quickly to the girls, Amanda was able to escape until she stumbled into the forest.

When Amanda opened her eyes, she was lying on the floor. She stood up and went to her home. She looked in the mirror: the nightmare had finished or just begun?

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