Sunday, 12 June 2011

Mental problem (:

L: Lidia

M: Good morning, how can I help you?
L:Maybe for you
m: What happen?
L: I found a cockroach in my shower
M: I'm sorry at once I call to the cleaning service
L: No no no I want an toher room
M:That not posible because now they are completed and we haven't got any room like yours
L:I don't mine if is not possible to change me to an toher room, change me to an other hotel
M: Ok, I will try to change you Its done
M: Yes but I onlu need some details
L: Ok
M:Firts of all I need know if you want a single room a double roomor twin room
L: Waht the difereents?
M: Mmm ok the double room is a room with a double bed, the single room is a room with onlu a beed and the twin room is a room with tow single room
L:I want a single room becasuse I have a mental problem and when I alonne I see to my exhusband with him mistress en the bed to play the parchis
M:Okk (crazy) ok ok now you tell me that if you want full borad, half board or b&b
L:Whatt's the differents?
M:The full board include breakfast, lunch and dinner, the half board include breakfast, lunch and dinner and in B&B just the room and breakfast
L: Ohhh I had breakfast, llunch and dinner with my exhusband before he went with him mistres
M:Ohh is a pity but I need that you to tell me what do you want!
L: All in this life remembered to my husband, until the cocroack, when we went to Benidorm for holidays we found a cocroack and he kill it.It was nice.
M:Okk If all the things you tell are good but I need that you answer my question.
L: Ok ok i'm sorry i want a full board
M:Okk now we have an option of hikings that is really good, making of a liflet
L: Ahhh Thank you Ohh I like this '' Live your life in Barcelona''
M: Good option in this hiking you ccan visiting museums, palaces, fountains, cathedrals and castles
L: I like it I like it
M: Ok sirve me your details, your name?
L: I'm Pancracia Jimenez
M:Ok and your customer number?
L: AB- 12345- C
M:Can you repeit please?
L: AB-12345-C
M:Your telephone number?
L: 111222444
M: Ok have you got any alegies?
L: Yes
M: Which?
L: The worse of all the alergies
M: Which?
L:To my exhusband
M: hahahahahaha ok I hope you got fantastic Mrs Jimenez
L: Thank you pretty
M: Good bye
L: Bye bye

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