Saturday, 11 June 2011

Iberojet travel agency

S: Shop assitant
C: Customer

S: Good morning can I help you?
C: Maybe for you.
S:...How can I help you?
C: I want a complaint form.
S: Why? Aren't you glad with our company?
C: Well, how can I start... First of all, the flight was cancelled and agency made me pay the flight.
S: Oh, that's terrible ! But in our data base says that you travelled to your destination.
C: Yes. After two nights in the terminal building, the company didn't give me a solution so I had to buy the cheapest journey.
S: And the travel was comfortable?
C: If the meaning of a comfortable travel for you is that the seat was dirty and a little bit broken, the seat belt couldn't be hooked, the cabin crew were rude and they didn't pay attention to the paseengers, and the whole travel we had turbulences, yes it was a wonderful travel.
S: Ok, wait a moment, I'm going to talk with the manager.
-Mr Graham, I have a problem.
-Another stupid has come here to complain and to tell me his digusting experience.
-I've tried to get rid of him.
-Ok, I'm going to take another complaint form and stand him a little bit more.
-Good bye Mr Graham.
Well, the manager was reported about you case and he's very sorry.
C: I'm very sorry too because I'm going to dennounce you.
S: No, no, no. I'm going to fill the complaint form and the company will give you a compensation. Well, tell me your name.
C: Alex Smith.
S: Customer number.
C: Customer number? Nobody gave me a customer number.
S: Oh yes, we don't give a customer number. Your holiday destination?
C: Well, in theory New York, but really Barajas terminal building, London, Moscu, Osaka and eventually New York.
S: well, at least you have travelled around the world
C: Are you kidding me?
S: Oh no, no, it was only a joke for relax the situation. How many days have you been in New York?
C: I could say that it could be an eternity
S: But in New York, how many days?
C: The longest two weeks of my life, from 22th March to 4th April.
S: So, have you come back today? and why don't you rest in your home and tomorrow you come back here to complain?
C: Because I prefer complaining after an awful holiday. Call me strange if you want.
S: Yes, a little bit.
C: What???
S: And your nature of complaint?
C: All that I've said.
S: Only that?
C: Is it a little cause for you?
S: Well, at least you haven't lost you luggage.
C: My luggage is in Montenegro according to the airport.
S: Oh, mmm.. Ok, this is finishes.
C: Can you give me a contact telephone?
S:Why? Don't you trust in us?
C: I'm sorry if I don't trust but I usually dennounce the dork companies.
S: The telephone contact is Jessica-12345
C: Can you repeat it?
S: Jessica-12346
C: Wasn't it 12345?
S: Oh, yes, yes, that number.
C: Ok. I hope you solve the problem.
S: Yes, don't worry. Good bye.
C: Go to hell.
S: Well, this is the best part of my job, practised basketball.