Thursday, 9 June 2011

Bostan Travel Agency

-Hello, how can I help you?
-yes.. my nam eis mrs. jessica lopez and my husband´s name is mr. alvaro lopez and 2 days ago we had hayered this travel agency for pass the weekend.
- yes.. i understand ...but i ned to know what was your problem with our agency if you are here for reclaim we only want to help you.
-oh.. yes.. this is the brochure you have sold us and the hotel that we have booked supostly had to give us a showew in good conditions, i mean which work do you understand aren´t you? apart from the breakfast and dinner, in the brochure it was included in the price in this hotel non technology is good they had everything without working so we spent more money but we thought.
so because of your bad planning travel the weekend that we thought it could be unforgetble was the worst so we reclaim our money
it is all your problem ?
- no o course! when we arrived at the airport we had an other problem ... OVERBOOKING so we had to choose between stay here or fly in different planes
- oh.. i´m so sorry mrs. lopez, the last weekend was working here a girl for first time in her life and may be she had comit this big mistake without paying more attention. i think everyone deserve a second opportunity for doing good the things didn´t you thing the same?
-let us try to compense you please..
-ok. but how will you do this?
-first of all we will begin with giving you another travel this time actually with all you need and we will pay you everything if you didn´t want you haven´t got to bring any money
-it´s a great idea.
-first of all we need your home adressfor sending to you our oferts because you should choose where would you want to go.
oh yeah... my home adress is
street princesa,89
3rd D
but it would be better if you send it on my e-mail:
-oh.. ok. it actually will be better
next please give us your telephone number
-ok 6-6-3-7-5-6-8-4-5
-tjanyou very much for accept giving as a second opportunity to do good the things. you will not regret.
and we are sorry for the mistake
if you need more information write us on our e-mail
bye, see you soon!

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