Monday, 6 June 2011


One child liked so much the magic, he tought that it was real, he even believed in Santa Clouse, so on the Christmas Day he wished for a magician´s equipment. He was very dissapointed when he didn´t got the magician´s equipment and he started to cray. When his parents found out they said that Santa Clouse might have forgotten and he will bring it the next day.
When he woke up the next morning he went to the christmas tree and found the magician´s kit there.
At first he was very happy but soon he found out that they were all tricks also he heard his parents that they had given him the gift and Santa Clouse doesn´t exist, he became very sad and he didn´t want to play with them so his parents planned to sell them: "Never been used. As new $45. Magician´s Equipment, assorted. Over 400 tricks. Free to serious enthusiast. Clown´s costume, complete with extra large shoes. Bargain at $350(only worn once)."

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