Monday, 6 June 2011

Amaia Montero

I am going to talk about my favorite singer who is Amaia Montero.
She was born on 26 of August in 1976 in the city of Irún in Guipúscua, Spain. She grew up with her parents and her older sister. When she was a child she dreamed to be a singer.
When she was 12 years old she said to her mother that she wanted to go to Madrid because she wanted to become a famous pop singer.
She studied Chemistry but after wards she studied Psichology.
In 1996 when Amaia was 20 years old she began to sing in the La Oreja de Van Goh group that in this time was a friends group that enjoyed singing.
La Oreja de Van Goh released the first album aclled Dile al Sol in 19998. This group became in a famouse group.
They released the second album colled El Viaje de Copeertol in 2000.
In 2007 Amaia left La Oreja de Van Goh and begam to sing as a singer and she has only released one album called Quiero Ser.
I like Amaia because her voice is so nice and my favorite song is 407 a song that she dedicate her father when he died.

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