Monday, 13 June 2011

A horrible trip

setes: S
Rebeca :R
R: good morning.
S: good morning, how can I help you?
R: I'm very afraid because...
S: excuse me , you booked a hotel in our agency?
R: yes of course.
S: ok, so you are afraid about this book?
R: yes I am, but I had other problem too.
S: what's the problem?
R: when I went to the airport, there was overbooking and I must waited for the next flight.
S: so ok, we are going to write a customer complaint form.
R: ok
S: give me your name please.
R: Miss Brown.
S: can you spell it?
R: B-R-O-W-N
S: OK, your flight destination?
R:the caribbean.
S: which were the dates?
R: one week 1-7 of july.
S: ok now say me the customer number.
R:6748654388 P
S: tell me the problem in the hotel.
R: first of all, there was something wrong whit the shower, secondly when I arrived to the hotel they gave a key of a double room but I booked a single room.
S: oh my god. It's terrible
R: Bu it is not all.
S: Really?
R:yes, the chambermaid didn't clean my room, and didn't make the bed in all the week!
S: that's all?
R: yes.
S: so what solution do you want?
R: I want come back my money, because I paid for a hote with 4 stars and that hotel was with only 2 stars.
S: ok, I see what can I do.
R: I hope that give me back my money.
S:dony't worry and give me your telephone number.
S: ok, when I know the answer I will call you.
R: thak you. Good Bye.
S: good bye

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