Monday, 14 December 2009

My degree

Hello! My name is Vanessa.
Since I was little I have always wanted to be a teacher.
I have been playing teachers, inmagining that I was the teacher and the people my students.
Today I still want to devote myselft to this profession.
I dislike the science because the are very boring but I like the maths because My favourite subject since I was little.
I would like to be teacher at primary school because being a high school teacher is more complicated for me.
I prefer to be a teacher to high school because with young children need to be a very patient.
However, I prefer to be a teacher to school because I love the childrens and I have always followed the example of my aunt.
Now, I am studing of social science bachillerato. This year is the first but the bachillerato is two years. When Y finished the high school, first, I must pass an exam to start the degree in the university.
I want to study of the Complutense university in Madrid. To enter the university I have to get five on the exam in June. The degree lasts three or four years depends the new law. In the degree there are eight or nine subjects for year.
When you finished the degree I will be qualified I work, but I will have to practice and then we star working in the degree I wanted.
I will be a good teacher =)
That´s all.

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