Thursday, 16 February 2012

Moraleja a good place to live

I think Moraleja de Enmedio, my town, it’s a very good place to live. Moraleja is too calm but very interesting place though it doesn’t have more places of entertainment, except the parks. Moraleja has got many parks between them the most frequented by the teenagers is the park of the ducks. A disadvantage is that when you want to see a movie in the cinema you must to take the bus to go to Xanadú. Other frequented places are the square of the village and the square of the town hall. The people of this calm village are very nice and always or almost always they greet you when they see you for the street.
The worst of Moraleja is the reputation that has got in other cities because the people in others cities think that the people of this small village they are bad people.

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