Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Fuenla City

 Fuenlabrada is not the best place of the world, but you can survive good in it.

 Fuenlabrada has got a lot of trees and parks, the most famous is “La Solidaridad”. But if you prefer indoor places, Fuenlabrada has got shoping centers. In Fuenlabrada there are a bike road around all of that and it has got gyms and swiming pools. Also in Fuenlabrada has got a University. If you are in Fuenlabrada you can go to the capital in underground, because in it are good lines of undergrond and bus.

 The people of Fuenla can be good people or complete idiot. If you talk with people of other towns they say “thives”, “uneducate”, “canis” and people who says “pesi” instad “pepsi” when talk about Fuenlabrada. In addition, Fuenlabrada has a good basketball team.

 Fuenla can be the best place for teenagers, but people living on it are doing nothing for that.

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Héctor Gil said...

I agree with you Carlos, Fuenlabrada have a good underground so you can go to other towns so quickly without a car. Fuenlabrada would be better if all the people work to do it.