Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My city, Fuenlabrada

Fuenlabrada, in general, it's a good city to live and to going out.

There are many shops in Fuenlabrada, here we have two comercial centres to going shopping. Also, in Fuenlabrada there are many parks to going out with your friends and family. In my city, we have got a cinema, but is in Loranca, one of the many neighborhoods that Fuenlabrada has got, and it's a bit difficult to go there, because you must take a bus to go to the cinema, and this is an advantage to lazy people like me.There are many young people in Fuenlabrada you can meet, specially, on Fridays, obviously.

 But the worst thing, like in all cities, is the bad people. This is a problem in some places of Fuenlabrada because in this places it's easy to have problems, but if you have got the adecuated friends you mustn't be afraid about this.

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