Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Fuenlabrada, a good place

Fuenlabrada is medium city,  it is near to Madrid. Fuenlabrada have got many young person.  It have got many schools and many high school. This site have got many station of metro( Parque de los Estados, Fuenlabrada central, Parque Europa, Hospital de Fuenlabrada and Loranca). Fuenlabrada have got four big neighborhoods (El Naranjo, el Arroyo, El Molino and Loranca).

Fuenlabrada is entertaining because it's have got many parks and two bigs shopping center ( Plaza de la estación and Loranca). In this shopping center there are many shops. In the center of Fuenlabrada, many pubs and clubs. In september, Fuenlabrada have got many parties and funny things the central. On 19 of february, there is carnival, it is a very funny party because the people can put funny clothes and go to the street.

Finally, Fuenlabrada is a good city because it is very funny.

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