Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Fuenlabrada, a great place for teenagers

I think that Fuenlabrada is a great place for all the ages. It's got a lot of to offer and it's got a differents places to go for not bored.

Fuenlabrada is a wonderfull town where there are many parks, shopping center for buy a lot of objects, many restaurants to be quietly with the friends or family, there are a lot of sports centers for play football, basketboll, tennis and more sports. In Fuenlabrada there are many educational places, there are a lot of schools, universities and high schools. Fuenlabrada have got excellents public transport, for example the train, the bus, underground, etc. for go to the other places. Too in Fuenlabrada once a year there is a fair with very events, concerts, shows and attractions.

In short, Fuenlabrada is a great place for teenagers where there are many things to do and I will always want to live here. 

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