Tuesday, 14 February 2012


In my opinion Fuenlabrada is a wonderful place for all the ages. It's got a lot of differents places to go and it's got a lot to offer.

Here in Fuenlabrada there are a lot of sites to spend the spare time like cinemas, restaurants and shopping centres. There are also sports centres, gyms and parks with lakes to practise many differents sports . As for education, this town is plenty of nurserys, schools, high schools; even a new university called Juan Carlos I. Fuenlabrada has got different ways of public transport, for example, a undergroun line, a train line or buses. In Fuenlabrada take places many event of entertaiment, such us, concerts, fairs or exhibitions.

In short, Fuenlabrada has got endless things to do, and it seems to me that is a good enviroment for the development of teens. That's why i've always loved living here.

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