Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Fuenlabrada, a great place to live.

I think that my city, Fuenlabrada, is a wonderful place for teenagers. It's got a lot to offer.

Fuenlabrada is a city in the south of Madrid, so teenagers spend a lot of time in all activities. Because it has got sport facilities, education, entertainment. There aren't any cinemas in Fuenlabrada, but there are other things to enjoy, for example: shopping centers, parks or swimming pool. In Fuenlabrada there aren't any museums, but there are an excellent public transport (bus, train, underground). You can visit other cities or towns with them. I believe that Fuenlabrada is a safe and clean city. One of the best things of Fuenlabrada is that it isn't a noisy city.

In conclusion, Fuenlabrada is a good city to live. It is a modern city and there are a lot of technology. I like to live in Fuenlabrada.

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