Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Loranca,a wonderful place for teenagers.

I believe that Loranca is a good place for everybody, children, adults or teenagers. It's got a lot to offer.

Loranca is a small village of Fuenlabrada, but the teenagers can have fun in many ways. There is a shopping center with a lot of stores, a cinema and a lot of places to eat, for example a McDonal's or some restaurants. There is the Loranca's lake too, with some sports facilities and parks near it. Teenagers spend a lot of time in those places. Sometimes, there are little festivals, like the medieval market in winter and spring, or the stake in summer. Also, in Loranca there are some schools and high schools, so there are not problems about children's education.

In short, In my opinion Loranca is a wonderful place for teenagers. There are things for everyone, that's the reason I love living here.

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Eva Pérez said...

Cris, I agree with you in everything. I think too that the teenagers can amuse in any ways in Loranca. I like the shopping center that you comment and I agree with you that the children's education is not a problem hear, in Loranca.