Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Fuenlabrada the best place to live

Fuenlabrada  is a city in Madrid, is a good place, because here you can do many things. Fuenlabrada  has got many natural spaces , like the Solidaridad´s park that  is too big and there are another parks around the city, in the night you can go to the pubs and have a good time with your friends. In general the weather here is very good, so you can go to take a walk with your friends, but if it isn’t good you can go to the shopping centers because here there are so many, and you can go to shopping or to watch a movie in the cinema.  Here there are many schools and high schools, and the education is very good and  there are sports facilities too, football fields, the Fernando Martín ´pavilon.
In summer you can go to the swimming pool  and in September you can enjoy with your friends or family in the fair.
In short I think that Fuenlabrada is a good place to live.


Andrea Serrano said...
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Andrea Serrano said...

Hi Alba!
I like your writing, for this reason I have a comment here.
I agree with everythings that you have written and i believe also that Fuenlabrada is a good place for live.
But I don't agree with one thing, I think that this town don't have a good education than in other towns, of course.
Bye :)