Tuesday, 14 February 2012


In  my opinion my town is normal, it is neither a wonderful place nor a boring place.

Fuenlabrada is located near Madrid. It hasn´t got sea , rivers or lakes, but it has got a party zone called La plaza, and locals to make parties, and we have got a big park named La Solidaridad.
The people here are very friendly and amusing.
Here in Fuenlabrada there are cinemas, shopping centers and a lot of restaurants.In September when the festivals begin there are concerts , parties and funfairs.
Here in Fuenlabrada there aren´t sports facilitys because the majority of the teams there are not professional , except basketball so we have got a team in ACB and a modern sport centre called Fernando Martin.

In short Fuenlabrada it´s a good city but it could be improved for be a better town.When I grow up I would like to go at other city.

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