Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Fuenlabrada, good but improvement

I live in Fuenlabrada. It is not a bad city but it could be better. The security here it`s waste. When you walk trought the center of town you may be carefully, because someone can steal you. The police take a long time to come at the place.

On the other hand there are something that i like of Fuenlabrada. Fuenlabrada has got many parks and squares. They are big and there are many benchs. They are goods but there are very dirty. There are many trash on the ground. There are many poops too, it´s horrible.

Other good thing that there are in my city is the mall. It`s a big building where are many shops and places to stay. There are much people too.

In summary, Fuenlabrada it´s a good place for teenagers but sometimes it`s dangerous.


Marcos Delgado Álvaro said...

I really like your redaction.
I agree with you that in Fuenlabrada there are lots of parks and shops.
But, I disagree in your opinion of the security is bad, because the police attends you well.
I think is false that Fuenlabrada is dirty, I saw other cities dirtier than Fuenlabrada.

Abel Somoza said...

I am agree with Marcos about the security, because here, in Fuenlabrada, if you are minor and the police see you in the street in schooltime they take you to your school, i think this is good. But I also think that Fuenlabrada is a bit dirty.