Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Fuenlabrada, a good place (by Enrique Muñoz)

(I have published the composition of Enrique beacuse he hasn't got account in the blog)...

Fuenlabrada is a good place to live because it has lots and various places where you can do a lot of things there including shopping centers, sports grounds, cinemas, shops of all types. Because of this many young people in fuenlabrada living there, so the population is young people fuenlabrada.

So there also a rather high crime rate, also the notes of the institutes are usually so bad with a bad reputation for being a bad town to live but that's just an opinion they are not all bad marks as well very smart students there, plus there a great sport.

Another good thing about fuenlabrada are the relationships with people coming from other towns or cities near and moral leganes and surrounding areas, this is because it has very good transport routes as the metro and commuter train

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