Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Fuenlabrada, a big town

I think that my hometown, Fuenlabrada, is a good place for teenagers, but it could be a better place for us.

Fuenlabrada is a town in the south of Madrid. Fuenlabrada is over thirty minutes of Madrid City if you go on train, but in our town we have got places to enjoy ourself, so we don't have to go to Madrid. There are places for everyone. If you are a sporty person you can go to the swimming pool, to all the parks we've got, you can also go to some of the sports centres of Fuenlabrada. If you are an outgoing boy or girl you could go in the night to "La Plaza", it's a place with lots of pubs with many kinds of music, it's a fantastic place. Fuenlabrada has got many cultural centres.

To sum up, Fuenlabrada is an entertaining city.


Angel Lopez B1A said...

Hi Sofia, I'm commenting in your composicion because is true that in our hometown are some places to go to, but even if we haven't to move to Madrid, we have to take the bus for move around Fuenlabrada, because for example the cinema is in Loranca.

Sofía Ramírez said...

Ángel I'm agree with you about the problem with our "imaginary cinema". I would have mentioned that if we hadn't had a limit of words.