Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Fuenlabrada a nice place.

I live in Fuenlabrada, a town of Madrid, is an entertaining and nice place. In my opinion,  is a good place to live because it’s got a lot to offer.
Fuenlabrada is near Madrid, only 40 minutes in train, so If you don’t want to stay here you can to take a walk through there.
It has a lot of parks, but the most important is Solidaridad’s park, because is great and beautiful!. Also, it had many sports centers like Fernando Martin or La Cueva, but if you don’t want to play sport, you can go to shopping center as there are many. Again, at night you can go to pubs and have a good time with your friends. Something very important, is very suitable for people in wheelchairs, less in the older areas but it’s few.
In short I have to say that there are nice people, a lot of places where you can go and for now, I like to live in Fuenlabrada.

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Seila said...

I think that your opinion and how you see Fuenlabrada is good and I agree with you. The situation and the place that us offer. the parks, the sport centers, and the place where the young can out the party. And finally is very suitable for people in wheelchairs.