Sunday, 12 February 2012

My point of view about Fuenla City (Fuenlabrada), by Alvaruky

This time I must write about my hometown, Fuenlabrada. It's a good place but it isn't as great as it could be

Fuenlabrada is a big town that has got about 200000 people. It is at the south of Madrid with others similar villages. There are shopping centres, many fountains and public buildings that make life easier because everything is near, but there aren’t cinemas, bowling and there are very few entertainment places, although you can visit the basketball team, for example, that is very funny and exciting. Generally, people that live in Fuenlabrada are stroppy and shelfish, and the youth is dangerous, so you should be careful. A typical celebration in Fuenlabrada is the Omelette’s Day, on the 9th of march, where the people go to Valdeserrano to eat omelette, and the youth to drink…

In conclusion, in my opinion Fuenlabrada is a successful place to live, but if can be boring to young people and even dangerous.

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