Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Hello, my name is Iván and the following assigment about Austria a country where the music and the art are an important part of the life. First at all, the capitol of Austria is Vienna, whose population overcomes the 1 million of inhabitants, it’s the only city that overcomes this number, the following city with more population is Graz, and it’s followed by Linz, Salzburg and Innsbruck. The official language is the German due to that in the past Austria belonged to German empire.

Secondly, I must mention about the economy that is prosperous and very good, this has done that the Austrians are the richest third country of the European Union what has provided a high standard of living, furthermore, historically Germany has been the most commercial partner of Austria. The former currency of Austria was the Austrian chelin, but since 2002 the currency, like in the most of the countries of the European Union is the Euro.
As for the weather, the most country is really cold owed to that two thirds of the country is in the Alps.

Now, I'm going to allude about about the history of Austria, that is very long, but, we could say that the most of the history of Austria begin with the family Habsburg in the XIV and the XV centuries and its relation with the other royal families of Europe. In the XIX, It joins with Hungary and forms one of Europe's largest empires. In the First world war that burst by the murders of the princes of the Austria-Hungary empire, it belonged to the central block, with Germany and the Ottoman Empire and they were defeated by the Allies´ block, the empire divided and Austria remain come down to a fourth part of the territory of the former empire because the repairs of the war. This ended with the Habsburg Family and began with the Austrian Republic. In 1938, it was invaded by the Nazis and when the Second World War ended it remained neutral till 1995 when it enters in the European Union, moreover there are Austrians famous people like Maria Antoinette, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sigmund Freud, Erwin Schrödinger, Adolf Hitler, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Niki Lauda.

Perhaps in other countries he art does not deserve an important mention but in Austria does, especially in the music where go to the opera is ordinary. Vienna is considered the second cultural capitol of Europe this is thanks to the labour of prominent figures so famous as Mozart, Haydn, Johann Strauss, Beethoven, which lived in Vienna, and Gustav Klimt, one of the most important painters of the movement Ars Nuvo.

In the aspect of the tradition, Austria has very much jointly with the German tradition as in the food as in the holidays, although the most interesting holiday is the fifth of December, the Krampus an evil character arrives, when some Austrians wear like monsters to scare the bad children and in the sixth of December Nikolaus arrives and defeats the Krampus. The national Austrian holiday is the October 26 since 1955 when Austria declare neutral.

Finally, I chose this country because I always want to visit Vienna because its beauty and its museums and theatres, and because I love the Germanic culture.
To sum up I recommend to visit Austria or live in because, in my opinion is one of the most beautiful places and prosperous place to live

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