Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Hi!!! I'm Alex, and my talk is going to be about the United Kingdom. Well, first of all I say that the UK comprises Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and Nothern Ireland. Other territories like the Channel Islands, Man and the Crown colonies are also part of the facto British State. It was the first industrialized country in the world and the leading world power during the nineteenth and early twentieth century.
Mayor cities in the UK are London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edimburgh, Leeds, Bristol, Manchester and Bradford.
Secondly, the capital of UK is London, its language is English and its currency is the pound sterling. The UK is currently a leading industrial and commercial nation of the world. In terms of gross domestic product it's sixth in the world after USA, Japan, China, Germany and France.
Speaking about the climate, is very cold and rainy troughout the year, more than half the days are cloudy. The British weather is highly variable and can go very quickly from a cold, rainy day to a sunny day in just a few hours.
Also, I will talk about their culture. The primary means of communication is television and her main channel is the BBC, that is the leading public radio station in the UK and the largest and oldest broadcaster in the world. Thus, the sport is a key element of British culture, because many sports were created in the UK, including football, rugby, cricket, tennis and golf (football remains the most popular in the country).
Finally, I say that the UK is a member of the EU since 1973. That's all, thanks!!

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