Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Hi!! I'm Eva Dalía, and my talk is going to be about Italy, The famous boot shaped country.
First of all is important to say that Italy is made up os the Italian peninsula, Sicily and Sardinia and I will appoint their capital and the major cities.His capital is Rome and hers major cities are Rome, Florence and Venice.
In all Italy is spoken Italian, because is the oficial language, but there are comunities in the north that they speak French and German, and in Sardinia is spoken a dialect called Sardinian.
Scondly I'm going to talk about the economy and his currency. His currency is the Euro since 2002, but before was the Italian pound.
Futhermore his economy is mainly industrial and thirdly I may to say the weather that is a bit colder than Spain but there is abundant rain.
Overall is important to say part os his history. Italy saw to born the Roman Empire and after the fall os this Italy sufferd a series of Germani invasions.
In the centuries XV and XVI became the cultural center of Europe gave rise to the Renaissance.
Also participated in the first World War on Triple Entente and in the second World War as one of Hitler's allies. This is all that I can offer from Italy, thanks you for listening.

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