Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Hi, my name is Alejandro Montero and i'm going to talk about Denmark. The capital of Denmark is Copenaghe with more than five hundred thousand of people. The official language is Danish, one of the most difficult languages in the world because pronunciation is very hard.
Politic in Denmark is transparent and is the country with less corruption in Europe. The queen is Margaret the second but she hasn't any politic power and she doesn't take any decisions.
Aarhus, Aalborg and Copnhague are the main cities in Denmark because these cities produce the principal country's income by thing like tourism and export of food and energy. Weather in Denmark is cold and rainy in winter but warm and sunny in summer.
The currency of Denmark isn' the euro, is the danish crown and 1 euro is equal than 7'4 danish crowns.
Danish culture is based on empathy, solidarity, freedom, justice, every person is equal than other person, they haven't tabu topics and they have an open mind to new ideas. Either their main transport is the bicicle because they are ecologist.
Danish starts to study at 6 years old and they have 9 years of obligatori study. Curiosly, the university starts at 22 years old because when they are 18 they try to get a house and search a job and they have a help from goverment of 700 euros every month. That's why they can be independent and they can travel a lot. Furthermore, their parents prefer don't help with money to their sons because be independet means you must earn your own money.
In history, Vikings and the best identification about Denmark's history. They atack all Europe and they destroy most of it by sacking and attacks to important cities like Rome or Seville, in 844.
The official religion in Denmark is Protestan Christianity because in 1536 the protestant reform join to denmark and it makes a great impact in danish people.
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I used to participate in this blog... We did it three years ago. Enjoy the experience , I think it's a very good idea to continue this proyect... Good luck :D

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