Thursday, 4 March 2010

Parque de Lisboa News 9. Kyle's Interview

His name is Kyle. He is from Pennsylvania, a small town.
He is living in Spain since September 2009 and his family doesn't live here with him because he came to Spain with a group of guys to work, learn and improve his Spanish.
Here, in Spain, he works at highschool as an assistant English's teachers. Also, he is individual teacher of all subjects.
During his stay he thinks that the Spaniards are very relaxed and he likes the people, because in general, they are more friendly. He likes less the children's education here in comparison to that in his country. He misses his family and his friends and, also, he misses the big hamburgers of his country.
He says this year he will pass the Christmas in Pennsylvania with his family, and he will return to Spain after his father's birthday on January 6.
The traditions of there are that they have dinner together on December 24 and after that they go to church. Next morning they open the presents that Santa Claus brings for them.
In Spain he has got a lot of friends and he is meeting many people. Little by little, he has adapted to our customs.
Finally, he is comfortable in Spain and he would like to stay here for a while and when he has learned Spanish he would return home.


Eva Dalía Gómez Díaz said...

Ohh!! Finally, it was time!! jaja. Juan you have to publish the oral interview!:)

VICENTE said...

kail rocks!!!!:)

Kyle Bell said...

Great interview, girls! I had a lot of fun doing it! This is a really great blog. You should all take advantage of it. Thanks again for inviting me to participate!