Monday, 8 March 2010


Hello, I’m Alvaro Muñoz and I’m going to talk about a European country called Sweden. Sweden is situated between Finland, Norway and the Baltic sea in the north of Europe. The capital of Sweden is Estocolmo, but there are also other important cities like Goteborg, Malmo, Norrkoping and Linkoping. The weather of Sweden is cold, it is between 0 and 15º C during the winter and in summer it is about 10 or 15 degrees.
Nowadays in Sweden its used the euro, and before it, they used the Swedish crown.
About the history of this country, there are many things to say, first of all, I´m going to say that the Vikings went to Sweden from Finland during the 8th century, and they were here about 200 years. Secondly, Sweden was united with Norway during the years 1814-1905, and finally the Constitution was created in 1840.
The population of Sweden is approximately 8.873.100 people, but eighty per cent of them are living in the south of the country, where are the most of the important cities.
The economy of Sweden is based on the renewable energy, and they have lots of hydroelectric centrals, but they have also nuclear centrals and oil wells.
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