Saturday, 6 March 2010

My holidays: Peñíscola

Hi everybody! I'm Álvaro and this time my talk is going to be about my last trip. It was in the last September and I went to Castellón, to Peñíscola. I went with my parents. My father had a free month and my mother had got a few days. They were looking for a bargain of last minute and the living room was full of holiday magazines. In the end, they found it, well, more or less. But first of all we had to tidy the living room. Secondly we did the suitcases and thirdly, at the next day, we got up soon and we set off.
The journey was long, but listening to music everything happens faster.
The best thing of Peñíscola was the beach. Its sand was great and the water... what to say about the water? It was perfect, not too cold, but it was cool.
The lodging was in front of the beach. We used to take no more than three minutes to go to the beach. It wasn't bad. The only bad thing was the timetable. Why do they do breakfast so early in every hotel?
We used to have breakfast and then we used to visit the town, but in the town there wasn't any interesting place to visit. To begin with the old town it was on the castle, Papa Luna's Castle, which we visited. But just inside the walls, because inside the castle it cost a price. Besides, it was interesting too.
The food in the hotel wasn't bad, the best thing were the desserts.
When we used to finish to eat, we used to sleep around one hour in our room.
The problem of going to the beach with my mother is that I used to have to wait two hours before swimming in the beach after eating in the hotel.
We also visited the mouth of the river Ebro Delta. It was an amazing experience because we went along the river delta in a ship. We used to eat well in the hotel but anyway, near the river, my father caught a bit of rice from the rice field and he wanted to buy a pack of rice! Afterwards we bought a plate with a picture of my parents that they took them in the ship. Now this plate decorates our living room furniture.
As it was September, a day it started to rain just as we went to the beach, altough it didn't rain a lot and it stopped after a while.
We visited Marina D'Or Holiday Resort, but that was in the way back and we only visited it, we didn't go into its spa or its pool.
The last day, when we returned, we passed by Valencia and we went to its beach, but is was dirtier than the beach in Peñíscola. It was 4 pm and my mother thought that the restaurants were closed so we went to a Mercadona and we bought some food to eat. Then we went to a park and we got to eat, like in a street drinking. We stayed there just five days or so and we could visit the nearest places of there.
After that, I was so tired that while my father was driving I was sleeping. Eventually, as soon as we went back home, we ate because it was 10 pm. Thank you for listening to me.

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